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Treasures of Morocco is a family business, owned by Rachid from Morocco and his South African wife . In 2007 his wife decided to travel to Morocco to meet Rachid.  She fell in love with the country and the people of Morocco and all its beautiful Moroccan Treasures.

After we returned to South Africa and wanted to look for authentic Moroccan cooking tagines and decorative ideas for our home, we realised that some of the replicas’ of the Moroccan items were not made in Morocco or they were made in Morocco and they were very expensive.

On our visits to Morocco , we decided to bring home on each occasion pieces of Morocco to decorate our house.
Our friends and families in South Africa, started to ask us for Moroccan Treasures, which gave us the idea to start “Treasures of Morocco”.

Rachid being Moroccan, helped source all necessary Moroccan Treasures for Import to South Africa buy visiting the small studios and rural areas where he made first hand contact, and no middle man exchange. This is to ensure good quality, genuine products at a affordable prices.

we have brought pieces of Morocco to accommodate the needs of those who wish to decorate their homes with Treasures from Morocco.